Jennifer Lopez and Ben Affleck married in Vegas

The couple, who began dating in 2002 and later separated for quite

some time, queued for marriage permits and got married on

Saturday, the woman at the time told fans in her newsletter.

Superstar big-name couple Jennifer Lopez and Ben Affleck were

allowed to marry on Saturday, according to Clark County, Nevada.

The couple, who dated and parted ways in the mid-2000s before

separating and burning out for 17 years, revived their relationship last year.

"We did it," Lopez's fan bulletin, J Lo, detailed on Sunday. The couple

traveled to Vegas and, according to records, four different couples

showed up at church before 12 noon to stand.

"Two men behind us shook hands and held each other. Before us, a

young couple who made the three-hour drive from Victorville on

their little girl's next birthday—we all needed exactly the same thing

so that the world To remember us as allies and to declare our

affection to the world through the old and almost generic image of

marriage." Court records show that the couple received permission

to marry on July 16 in Clark County, Nevada. The permit was given

to Benjamin Geza Affleck and Jennifer Lopez.

"It was the most ideal wedding we could have imagined," the pair

said. "One that we craved sometime in the past and made one real."

"So with the best supervillains you can imagine at any time, a dress

from an old movie and a coat from Ben's storage room, we read our

own promises in the little church and gave each other the rings that

we're going to have until the end. Will wear our life," the pamphlet read.