Hailey Bieber wore an avocado corset dress for her boyfriend

Hailey Bieber's most recent look is basically a cutting edge take on

Penelope Featherington's go-to Bridgerton style.

In an Instagram post from July 18, the model posed in a staggering

bodice dress in season 2 of Lady Whistledown Tone: Green. "Love

an avocado second," Bieber subtitled the post. A fascinating insight

about the piece of clothing is that its open binding runs through the

middle of the back and sides of the dress, giving it a decidedly warm

energy. Hailey complemented the dress's silver equipment with

some proclamation studs, wearing her hair back in a tangled stylish updo.

The second subject of the look was polished. Aside from the fact

that Hailey Bieber filled all the rage at Beam, her entire body still

took on the glow of her scar "Frosted Donut Skin."

"It's a surface that hasn't been seen a ton lately," Cosmetics

Craftsman Jamie Greenberg said of the grandeur strategy in April.

"The coated look is generally a sign of youthful skin—teenagers are

really embracing the glow of a coated skin, and everyone is following accordingly."