Drew Barrymore fans applaud 'Mending Her Inner Child' star in viral clip

Drew Barrymore fans are appreciating her hilarious and hilarious

video of her entertainment thinking about her peak puberty.

The entertainer turned moderator is becoming a web sensation

when she shared a video of her skipping in the rain through online entertainment.

The Charlie's Angels star took to Instagram this week to ask her

fans not to go out in the rain assuming they find an opportunity at any time.

"Go outside in the rain as long as you can, don't go to the open door," she giggled happily.

The 47-year-old's embrace of the easily overlooked details of

existence with such energy has delighted fans.

"I need to cherish anything although Drew Barrymore loves

everything. Flawlessness," contemplates one tweet.

While another added: "I need to see the world through Drew

Barrymore's eyes. She knows something we don't know.."

Anyway, it has ignited conversations about Barrymore's growing up

and difficult childhood experience as a young star in Hollywood

through web-based entertainment.